2013: Project Management Basics and Networking in Munich


Following the participation at The Youth Future Conference which was held in Bonn, Germany, between the 1st and was the 7th of September, last weekend our colleagues Vasile Rus and Roxana Negoita attended a project management workshop in Munich, which was organized as a collaboration between The Hub of Munich and Youth Future Project, as a concrete step to support project ideas that could bring a contribution to a sustainable development and a more balanced lifestyle.

The workshop was held by Torsten Zielezniak, a professional in project management with a wide range of experience in the business field and has mainly gathered participants from different parts of Germany but also from other countries. During the two days that the event took place,   the discussions focused on the basics of project management, making a continuous bounce between the approaches in  corporate field and the non-governmental sector in the attempt to see what are the common principles but also what makes them so particular.


It was a wonderful opportunity for networking, sharing ideas and learning.  Thank you Youth Future Project and The Hub of Munich for making it possible!





For more details about Youth Future Project, please access the link: http://www.youthfutureproject.org/

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