Excursion to the Eifel region

We are preparing to participate at the "Daffodil" festival in Germany!

On the 20th of April 2013, the Mozaic Association, GAL Somes Transilvan and several farmers from the communes of Dabaca and Vultureni will participate in the "Festival of the Daffodils"(from here you can download the flyer, which is a pdf in german language, 0.5 MB) taking place in the Eifel region of western Germany. The participants will have the opportunity to visit several farms in the area, the regional Local Action Group (LAG) and other businesses, associations, and institutions related to agriculture, environmental education and rural development in order to exchange ideas. This visit, which forms part of the Mozaic II project, was organized thanks to an invitation from the LAG in Eifel and from the organizers of the festival, and was made possible with the help of the festival sponsors and the local communities.

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